2020 Solar Cooling Congress  

Welcome to the 2020 World Congress on Solar Cooling and Refrigeration

  Australia, one of the front lines for architectural applications in solar cooling, will be host country for the first World Congress on Solar Cooling and Refrigeration. 

   The Congress invites designers, researchers, scientists, academics, developers and enthusiasts to share their work with media, manufacturers, HVAC contractors, architects, leaders in government and authorities in energy economics, carbon credit management and more.

Following the mission of one of the supporting organizations -- the International Association for Solar Cooling -- the congress will support those involved in solar cooling by building a community that "encourages public and legislative awareness of both the needs and opportunities; and promote the research, development, design, manufacture, installation and use of solar cooling technologies for the benefit of all, including the environment."

 promoted and supported by
International Association for Solar Cooling 


A formal Call for Papers begins April 15, 2019.
The Congress is scheduled for September 2020, although the exact dates
will not be announced until April. Due to pre-announcement responses and commitments, final selection of venues in Australia's federal capital of Canberra might not be concluded and announced until 16 months before the event.  papers@solarcoolingcongress.org

Individuals, Organizations and Institutions interested in attending the Congress are invited to contact our attendance coordinator.

Sponsors and commercial exhibitors as well as Organizations and Institutions interested in active participation are invited to contact Congress Convener Robert Quimby.

Download 2020 Announcement      (this download will be updated end of March)

Download CALL FOR PAPERS   (this download will be updated end of March)

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March 31, 2019