World Congress on Solar Cooling and Refrigeration

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2020 World Congress
     Australia, one of the front lines for architectural applications in solar cooling, will be host country for the first World Congress on Solar Cooling and Refrigeration.

     The Australian government's Renewable Energy Agency reports that Australia has the highest average solar radiation per square meter of any continent in the world. The country has long recognized both the mixed blessing and greater value of the sun for the resource it is; has shared that appreciation with the rest of the world and generously promoted technology exchanges. (See "Solar Trivia" at bottom of page.)

     The Congress invites
researchers, scientists, academics, enthusiasts, architects and equipment designers to meet and share their work with manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, developers, media and leaders in government, all of whom are invited to present in both scheduled sessions and moderated daily-reviews.
In response to current times ...

     The formal Call for Papers
- was made April 15, 2019
- remains open
- selection date to be announced
      Submissions can be emailed to:

Individuals, Organizations and Institutions interested in attending the Congress in Canberra are invited to contact our attendance coordinator. 

Sponsors, commercial exhibitors as well as organizations and institutions interested in active participation or exhibition are invited to contact Congress Convener Robert Quimby.
     Following the missions of the supporting organizations and individuals, the congress seeks to support all those involved in the design, development, manufacture and use of energy-saving cooling technolgies at this time of rising temperatures and environmental crisis. 
     The Congress is an opportunity for
solar energy organizations, academics, manufacturers and developers to exchange insights, ideas and technologies with architects, media, government agencies, administrators from communities that require solar cooling, and solar enthusiasts from around the world.
     We offer our support to help promote other solar and progressive cooling technology conferences and gatherings. 

     The Congress will be held in Australia's federal capital of Canberra over 3 days in conjunction with a world-class Trade Show and Exposition on solar cooling, refrigeration and air conditioning, as well as architectural and environmental design strategies for cooling. Our committed focus is solar, but we also hope to attract any recent innovations and breakthroughs in cooling technology including those not (yet?) utilized in solar applications, to share with attendees and the world. Interested exhibitors are invited to contact Congress Convener Robert Quimby.
 Specific dates and venues to be announced prior to June 2021

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Solar trivia anyone?
(The Aussie Connection)

... is Australian James Harrison's birthday.  
     James Harrison created a vapour compression refrigeration system which he patented as a "refrigerating machine" in 1855. A year later he designed a cooling system for beer which became popular for meat packing. When he founded the Victoria Ice Works in Australia in 1859, an industry was born. Food handling, storage and shipping changed forever and 'far-away' Australia became a supplier of beef and lamb to the world.
     His invention is generally considered the blueprint for today's refrigerators and chillers. Based on this history, the executive of the International Association for Solar Cooling decided to have the first World Congress on Solar Cooling and Refrigeration in Australia, where the first of the ongoing Solar World Congresses was held in Adelaide in 2001, hosted then by the Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society (ANZSES).

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