Executive Summary

Don't change your software,
keep using your old computer
but use a much smarter portal.

Find almost anything FASTER
Share more with everybody EASIER makes global 'reach' SIMPLE
The pleasure of a new cyber-lifestyle is here!!

A next generation vehicle
 for People and Business.
 The world is finally yours. is UNIQUE ...

 combines breakthroughs in communication psychology and neurology with design psychology, social economics strategies and technology to enhance personal, social, community and global interactivity, as well as adding several new ways to buy, sell, trade and more.

Evolution is inevitable. We take those leaps now. 

          To help model future possibilities for the Internet, OneTV development included investigating technical and creative phases of evolution of other mass mediums over the last 600 years -- from the 'automation' of the printing process, to radio, television, etc. Beyond the obvious technological, material and human resource needs, to help expose possibilities we studied other influences, most expecially technical advancements and creative innovations inspired or initiated by audience demands, commercial competition, scientific progress, financial incentives, serendipity, ongoing responses to feedback from enthusiasts and more. Adding to what we learned, on the business side, we developed non-intrusive multiple revenue-generating-stream strategies and unique global reach opportunities. We are not simply building on what is state-of-the-art; we have already cherry-picked. We have moved forward, beyond and continue voyaging into what is possible.

The cyber-landscape has changed.
It can again be fun and feel limitless.

          Opportunities offered by OneTV reach into homes, communities, institutions and businesses globally. The science works as well for intra-nets and software programs as it does for the Internet. With an almost zero learning curve (yes, it can be that simple to use), people visiting will be able to travel through their screens to find what they want almost anywhere in the world ... and with only a little more effort can socialize, interact, invite friends to watch, or even bring their friends along to travel and participate, and do it all without being tracked. The work is both scientific and strategic. Consider what can be done as we combine current breakthroughs in neuro-response, awareness of changing social demands and design psychology with emerging advances being made in both personal and global interactivity.

          What does a OneTV page look like? A few already know. This page is it's antithesis. A OneTV page has more information with fewer words; it is easy and attractive to the eyes; the design science that directs it allows it to convey both scope and detail in a glance. That is why OneTV's innovations can also offer enhanced support to the medical community, education, government, industry -- anywhere information, ideas, products or services must be accessed or shared quickly and easily. It sets a new standard for browsing -- to enjoy easy, uncomplicated, even fun travel through the ever expanding world wide web. For those who need, or are interested in utilizing this science, we invite your call.

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