Beth Hedva
Beth Hedva, Ph.D. 


      Dr. Beth Hedva offers Spiritually Directed Therapy and Professional Development Training Programs, as well as Individual, Couple, Family and Group Support and Marathon Support Sessions.

(What is a Marathon Session?)
      When there is a lot to do in a short amount of time, and weekly sessions don’t cut-it, schedule an extended session (half or full day or more) to provide the time and attention needed. 
      Fees are pro-rated at $200/ hour, and include refreshments plus audio tapes of the session. VISA/ MC accepted. Pre-requisite evaluation/planning session is required.
      To book, please phone (403) 247-1441, then hit “0” after the message begins.

       A L S O 

Counselling services, Speaking services, Training and Support are available in person and via telephone world-wide. To discuss arranging a session or booking an event phone (403) 247-1441, fax 247-2545, or click here to email us.

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