Individual, couple, family and group
counseling*, training and support.
    Dealing with personal or family issues, betrayals, trauma, loss or change of any kind can sometimes seem insurmountable. Dr. Beth Hedva has an extensive background in cross cultural, transpersonal and clinical psychology and combines these approaches to develop new and unique approaches in dealing with these issues. 
    Dr Hedva has trained psychologists, counselling professionals and lay people in many countries to use these new approaches. Her books Journey from Betrayal to Trust and award-winning Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness continue to be used in a number of university curriculums and continue to be popular among both the profesional and lay community. Excerpts from her latest book are available here: Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness. The books are available at most fine book outlets or on the net. 
    She is available for counselling and training for individuals. couples and families as well as groups -- in person and by phone.

* Counseling is spelled with one 'L' in the USA and two in Canada. We use both.
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