Snow falls in Canada,


Low-to-no-cost Cooling

for a rapidly warming world

SolarSnow is a Canadian company developing cooling systems that operate cost-free for the five billion people facing both rising temperatures and increasing energy prices.

Using proven technologies, some centuries old, SolarSnow has been designing maintenance-free, environmentally-friendly systems that use the sun's heat to make cold The only moving part is the fan (no pump or compressor), so they can operate cost-free or, with large commercial systems, mostly cost-free

Patents for SolarSnow's portable models (the size of computer screens) have been published in 242 countries and territories. Patents were granted in 2020 by the USA, in 2021 by China and in 2022 by Hong Kong. More than just practical emergency back-ups during power outages, the heat-driven portables are mostly transparent and hung on the inside of closed windows to provide a steady stream of gentle cooling for small sitting areas, crib areas, kitchen tables, etc. Larger systems can sit on balconies, outside walls, roofs or the ground to cool homes, commercial or industrial buildings, commercial freezers, etc. 

Key engineers on the executive team have been advancing existing sciences in the development of five unique systems. They have been innovating engineering strategies using contemporary materials and techniques to reintroduce mostly pre-grid technologies, refining them to meet contemporary home and building needs and applications. 

Cooling has become the largest operational expense for homes and buildings in much of the world. Beyond energy savings, SolarSnow systems do not expel heat into the streets as conventional air conditioners do. They operate independently, but can also be integrated to add free cooling to conventional systems.

The effort was initiated in Calgary, Canada by directors of the Canadian Institute for Transpersonal and Integrative Sciences late 2005, followed by meetings with various government agencies and engineers in Canada, Thailand and China. After four years of research, in 2009 the project was incorporated as SolarSnow Corporation in the Province of Alberta, Canada, and development began on a series of systems utilizing several grid-free approaches. 

SolarSnow will join a handful of names in the over $300 billion per year cooling industry, as the first all-green brand name, providing a line of low-to-no-power-using cooling appliances. 

It is anticipated that manufacturing will be licensed or subcontracted mostly through existing appliance companies and sold as "SolarSnow by  ... whomever." Carbon credit, licensee profit-sharing and co-marketing opportunities exist.

Commercial distribution of the portable units would begin with the easiest-to-reach hot zones globally, especially those confronting power brown-outs due to heat waves.

Low-to-no-cost cooling” will have a market.

      Research and development on anticipated future and emerging designs will be ongoing, with testing in Asia where the cooling challenge is greatest.

      The current Thai-Canadian relationship represents a formidable opportunity:   Calgary, headquarters of SolarSnow, boasts some of the most sophisticated and efficient snow and ice-making systems in the world.   Bangkok is the world's hottest major city based on average daily highs, while the nation of Thailand is the 2nd largest exporter of AC equipment (China is 1st).


The Paradigm Shift:    
     SolarSnow takes the first step to replace expensive systems that make large amounts of cooling at great cost, with inexpensive systems that make smaller amounts of cooling for free.

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SolarSnow Corporation
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