SolarSnow Economics              

     A $500 system can make $22,995 of cold over 10 years.

     SolarSnow's various designs are all based on proven technologies. It is their configurations and designs for the generation of
"free cold" that are unique. The only moving part on a SolarSnow system is the fan.

     The amount of cooling that can be generated by a square meter collector for a methanol/charcoal adsorption system (
for residential as well as commercial/industrial applications) is estimated to be 1800 BTUs per day. Over a period of  10 years this would total 6,570,000 BTUs for each unit with a single square meter collector. 
     With conventional electric powered cooling costs (different than heating costs) running as high as US$3,500 per million BTUs, 6,570,000 BTUs would have a value of US$22,995. Though it is capable of generating more than 1800 BTU per day, if it were generating half that it would still be a good buy.

     It uses a fan. A 20 watt fan operating 24/7 over 10 years (it should only be needed a portion of that time) could use US$300 to US$450 of electricity. Subtract that from the US$22,495.