indicates start-up markets for portable systems.

       100 million people live in the five states of California, Texas, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. 150 million people live in Southern Europe. These are the initial target markets for the portable units included in the business plan. Collectively those two regions represent less than 5% of the most viable and easiest to reach markets for SolarSnow products. Small unit market startup areas are shown in red.
       Adjacent markets: 100 million in other Southern US States and 190 million people in Western Europe (both also shown here in RED) allow for an immediate natural growth cycle for sales of the inexpensive portable units

Black shows start-up areas for larger residential, commercial and industrial units.
      Start-up audience and markets for Large Systems have few limits. Demand for 'free cold' may be almost everywhere. Asian businesses are likely to be first to adopt the cost-saving technology, then other markets should adapt to its presence. 

map of global market for SolarSnow