GUI Design, GUI Psychology, Web Design, Internet Design, Design Psychology
GUI Design, GUI Psychology, Web Design, Internet Design, Design Psychology
Harold Finkleman        Research journalist, consultant and lecturer Harold Finkleman has conducted workshops on Psychodynamics (a science studying human response) at universities from Italy to Indonesia and at scientific conferences globally.
       Among other applications, emerging breakthroughs in Psychodynamics are often used
in specialty fields such as Design Psychology and Communication Psychology. It can help understand or anticipate psychological and physiological impact to sensoral cognitive, subcognitive, energetic, intuitive and other neurological and psychophysical encounters or pursuits -- what we see, hear, smell, sense, feel, think and more. The multi-discipline science offers advanced support in architecture, advertising, software design, social strategies, human resources, legal litigations, health and more.  

         Owner of USA, Chinese and Hong Kong patents on solar cooling technologies granted in 2020, 2021 and 2022, Harold began investigation and advanced work into alternative technologies as a research journalist and television producer who in the late 1970s began providing self-sufficiency technologies including solar power, wind power and alternative architecture.  

By invitation Finkleman has presented his original work and research in psychodynamics as 4-hour Professional Continuing Education Workshops for International Council of Psychologists annual conferences in Boston, USA, Padua, Italy, Winchester, England, Toronto, Canada, and Kos, Greece; for the Symposium on Psychological Practices in Jakarta, Indonesia; and the Advances in Criminology Workshop Series in Baguio, Philippines. 

       He has presented this work
outside the stricter scientific realms as four-hour seminars and half-day tutorials for the Society for Applied Learning Technologies conference in Orlando, FL, for the Washington Interactive Technologies Conference in Arlington, VA, and for the Humanities and Technology Association conference in Salt Lake City, UT; and enjoyed time in-house as guest lecturer in Malaysia at University Putra Malaysia (UPM); at Tarumanagara University in Indonesia; and the Graduate College of Criminology in Manila, Philippines; among other schools.

      Harold, who spent a decade on the Board of Governors for the International Council of Integrative Medicine, is Chairman of the Canadian Institute for Transpersonal and Integrative Sciences, which houses an academically significant English language medical, technological and general research library with texts dating back over four hundred years. He has been a daily newspaper editor, an international economics correspondent, prime-time television producer, and author of five texts on subjects ranging from psychology and computer use, to international energy economics.  In addition to research, lecturing and training through the Institute, under Finkleman Communications Ltd Harold provides services as a freelance creative director, design consultant and media strategist.

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