Beth Hedva
Beth Hedva, Ph.D. 


Articles featuring Beth Hedva

Ask an Expert About Infidelity,
     Reader’s Digest Canada:

Healing the World: The Promise of Organic Leadership,
     by Andrea Bauer in Choice Magazine .(cover)

Relationships and Kids by Mary Teresa Bitti
     Published in WonderCafe On-line Magazine

Articles by Beth Hedva

The Power of the Feminine Spirit: The Heart of Healing
     by Dr. Beth Hedva   copyright, November, 2004.

Six Fundamentals of Soul Partnering
     with Dr. Beth Hedva

Spirit Guides
     with Dr. Beth Hedva

The Twelve Senses of The Ancients
     by Beth Hedva, Ph.D.

The Jewish Mikvah Ceremony
     by Dr. Beth Hedva, for Women in Spirituality in Celebration of Water

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